Industrial building

Client: MÁV

In the frame of public procurement, we were working as sub-contractor and evolved the new railway pits of the erecting shop.

We secured the smooth operation during the construction.

Our main task was to build a monolith ferroconcrete sub-structure from shrinkage-compensating material under the rail without picking up the railway track. It was also our responsibility to revail and replace the utilities.

Application of concrete under the existing track structure

Putting of C30/37 strength class and shrinkage-compensating concrete under the existing track structure using slide and needle vibrator. The completed structure must be able to the take the weight locomotive (1180 kN (!) ) within 28 days.

Demolishing the old square concrete

After the discovery and replacement of the existing utilities, we started to demolish the old square concrete. Just to be able to get in with the demolition machine into the hall, we needed a new design and construction together with a license.